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Smart Asset ranked each of the 582 cities in our study according to those five metrics.

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We then averaged those rankings, giving half-weht to the unemployment rate and the median rent and full weht to the other three metrics. Whereas singles in NYC may feel pressure to find a partner just to save on housing costs, that is likely not as much of an issue for many singles in Pittsburgh.

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Lastly, we assned a score on a 100-point scale according to those average rankings. This is obviously good news for singles who enjoy a good beer and who live in Portland. Find out what your taxes will be with Smart Asset’s free calculator. Fargo, North Dakota Being single is one thing, but being single and unemployed is another thing entirely.

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The city with the best average scored a perfect 100, with lower scores were assned to cities with worse average rankings. Missoula, Montana Why is Missoula, Montana, the best cities for singles who like being single? beer industry found that Portland, Maine, has more microbreweries per capita than any other U. Unlike people in committed relationships, who have to spend hours writing sappy poems for their partners, single Portlanders can check out one of the city’s 17 microbreweries whenever they please. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Pittsburgh is one of the most affordable b cities in the country. Compare that to New York City, where the median rent is $1,160 (according to the U. While people in committed relationships can seek financial and emotional support from their partner when they lose their job, singles are on their own.

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